Solar Farm Mechanical Cleaning

A Cleaner Generation is a leader in solar cleaning and has the ability, working with clients and their data, to produce the most effective cleaning regime maximising annual profits. We can clean nearly every design of solar farm built in the UK with our custom SunBrush cleaning machine. Our clients’ sites range from the smaller 50KW (approx. 200 panels) to some of the largest in the UK at 70MW+ (280,000+ panels).

Our specialist cleaning machine can clean sites from 2 panels high to 6 panels high and with the added capability to interchange between different vehicles to ensure the ground conditions, terrain or narrow row widths do not pose significant problems.

The machine uses a spinning brush that rests on the panels, set at a specific pressure, and is moved along the tables by the carrier vehicle. The brush can be moved to take account of the varying heights of panels as well as it can be used on either side of the vehicle. Clients can have the panels cleaned using either de-ionised water or tap water with an additive to remove dissolved salts.

The SunBrush was purchased partially via a Grant from the BIG2 Project funded from the ERDF as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020. The machine was commissioned in Dec 2016 after six months of research. Since then, the machine has increased our productivity 5-fold and is enabling us to employ new members of staff and to break into new national and European markets.