A Cleaner Generation

A Cleaner Generation expanded from an established commercial cleaning business to fulfil the demand for solar farm cleaning within the South of England and Wales. With the experience of cleaning over 4 million panels in the past 4 years, mostly by hand, A Cleaner Generation expanded to offer machine cleaning in 2017. It is now one of the largest solar farm cleaning companies in the country.

We personally train all our operatives and supervise the cleaning of all our sites, which provides our customers with the quality assurance and peace of mind they need to ensure the job is done safely and professionally.


A Cleaner Generation uses two methods of cleaning; a mechanical cleaner and hand cleaning with brushes.

The mechanical cleaner uses a carrier vehicle like a tractor or a telehandler to operate a moveable spinning brush arm. This is the most effective and efficient way to remove the dirt build up on the panels.

The hand cleaning method utilises multiple workers using water fed poles with solar brush heads and deionised water. We use specifically modified off road vehicles, trailers and tanks which allow us to get to some of the harder to reach areas.

A Cleaner Generation will be able to adapt to and meet all your cleaning requirements with the additional benefit of a single company contact for all sites.

Why keep your solar panels clean?

Keeping your solar panels clean is much more than cosmetics. Dust and dirt can significantly reduce solar panel efficiency and thus affect the returns from your investments.

A Cleaner Generation own research shows the data and efficiency for ground mounted systems is significant and for a large 50MW solar farm could equate to over £12,000 a day tariff dependent. Generally, an improvement of 8-10% is common but for dustier areas reports have shown improvements of up to 18% being made.

Rain does help to wash some of the dirt and bird droppings away but just like your car, it will not get it thoroughly clean and will leave a dirty coating. Also, the dirt builds up in a thick layer on the bottom edge of the panel which creeps gradually onto the PV cells. By using one of our cleaning methods the dirt can be removed without leaving a residue and will remove over 98% of all dirt. We do not use any chemicals in the cleaning process as these can leave a residue or damage the surface of the panels.

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